Our story

“What to do next” is made crystal clear

Although modern SaaS companies face different challenges, at the end of the day, they are all trying make sense of what their next steps should be based on an endless amount of data, platforms and analyses.

Coho’s mission is to empower growth teams in delivering value to their users while increasing conversion rates, and help customer success and sales teams find their next best opportunities.

This is all thanks to an advanced AI platform, which combines product-led growth efficiency with enterprise sales efficacy, helping every team understand exactly what needs to be done and where their efforts need to be focused to achieve maximum impact.

Why “Coho”

Coho comes from the word – Cohort. Cohort analysis is the base to everything we do.

By combining all the data sources, slicing and dicing them, adding AI and ML technology, we create cohorts that serve as the statistical basis for all the actionable insights you receive at the end.

Meet the team

    Itamar Falcon
    Itamar FalconCo-founder & CEO
    Michael Ehrlich
    Michael EhrlichCo-founder & CTO
    Ariel Maislos
    Ariel MaislosCo-founder