Discover the growth engines within your product data

Focus on the right actions that will lead you to revenue growth and user experience optimization

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Discover the growth engines within your product data

Focus On The Right Actions That Will Lead You To Revenue Growth And user experience Optimization

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KPI Dashboards

Keep track of the metrics that matter

Get a clear view of how your product works –

  • Easily track your top KPIs and measure your conversion funnels success.
  • Get a better understanding of how users have adopted and used each feature.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your current user flows.

User journey

Identify your journey’s strengths and pitfalls

Easily define and orchestrate your user journey –

  • Define and analyze what your conversion rates are for each step of the journey – no code needed.
  • Discover which flows work well and where users tend to get stuck and need more support.
  • Uncover alternative journeys and optimization ideas.

Account management

See what customers are doing with your product

Real-time visibility will help you find the best opportunities –

  • Deep dive to an account and user levels to understand the adoption level of your product.
  • Get a health score for each account to prioritize the right accounts that need your attention.
  • Identify accounts that are at-risk before they escalate and reduce churn.


Build automatic playbooks and workflows

Enable automations in your favorite tools –

  • Create specific playbooks to personalize your users’ experience based on their use cases.
  • Streamline your workflows and help users overcome product gaps and drop-offs.
  • Engage customers at key milestones to improve conversions.


Get real-time alerts on all the important events

Never miss an opportunity to sell at the right time –
  • Get customized notifications when users are ready to buy or reach important milestones.

  • Reach out to users who need a save or get stuck in their user journey.
  • Get in touch with users who may be at risk of churning before the issue snowballs.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Seamlessly integrate with your tech-stack to automate the process between product insights and GTM actions.

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